D'ni Structural Engineering


As I mentioned in the introduction, I am a 3D novice.  Before I purchased realMyst -- I could never get the demo to run, as at the time I had a video card with the dreaded Savage 2000 chip -- I had never wandered freely in a freshly rendering environment.  Ah, the sights, the sounds, the smells -- okay, no smells.  Still, it was a revelation.

One of the features of a 3D world that I find fascinating is its structural elements.  Like a bad case of solipsism, the world is usually limited to what you can directly see.  Beyond this is the void.  This feature is never noticeable when you are bound by gravity, which is the genius of rendering the world only as you move through it.  When you free yourself from that bound, however, the structural features of realMyst come into view.  By navigating in fly mode, you can get "outside" numerous structures and examine their engineering -- oh, and there really is a void, so reality is all just in your mind . . . .

Myst Island