The First Clue?

I see sketches of very large buildings

An image on a desktop....

looks like a lake and lights on the other side...

The first Spyder message is different from those that followed, and has usually been treated as an introduction rather than a clue.  Bigtoot suggested examining this message more closely.

Only one part of this message (to my knowledge) has been linked to something in the Cyan universe.  In January, Cyan opened a new website, Cyanworlds.  In that site, a set of photos or "images" rest on a desktop:

Cyanworlds desktop Closeup of lower left "images"

As first noted by Aloys, one of those images -- the one below of a tree -- is very similar to an image that has been extracted from a realMyst file, huevo.avi, while the other is vaguely in the same style as another huevo.avi image:

Huevo.avi pictures

Subsequent events have confirmed the connection between these images and Mudpie, CyanWorlds secret project.  In May, an image appeared on the CyanWorld website as part of their brief description of Mudpie.  This image, reproduced below, is another view of the tree.  A second image, also reproduced below, first appeared as part of an interview with Rand Miller conducted by the Adrenaline Vault, and now resides in the is clearly related to the other images above.

Mudpie image
AV image

There are many ideas about the other two parts of this message but nothing definite, as far as I know.