The Puzzle Age

One of the new features in realMyst is the Rime Age and its crystal imager.  One of the views from the imager is what has been called the Puzzle Age.  The combination for this Age comes from Atrus's journal in his Rime study.  (Note: For those who cannot see the Rime or other realMyst journals, A'Reandal has them on his Myst Journals web page.)

In his journal, Atrus notes the following:

After more experimenting with the shapes of the crystals, we were able to get a nearly perfect view of an Age inside of the Book. Sirrus wanted to link immediately, not understanding the link was only visual. Without the Ink, the crystals do not bind onto a particular Age. Because of this, the crystals have an interesting side effect: it is possible to change the crystals and watch the Age change. While in reality we are seeing a vast number of distinct though similar Ages, displaying the current Age defined by the crystals; it appears as though we are changing the original Age.

The links below take you to a series of pictures that illustrate the changes that occur when you change the colors of the five Puzzle Age crystals.  At first, I couldn't discern what changes the fifth crystal produced, but Martin Brenner and PC_Michael pointed out what might be called the "season" effect, and I credit them with that discovery.  My names for the six colors are as follows (in order, starting with the first color):  Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta.

Crystal 1 Crystal 2
Crystal 3 Crystal 4

Crystal 5