Stupid realMyst Tricks


If you're brave enough for fly mode, there are a few other tricks that you can try by making some changes to the _init.dat files.  The basic approach is to open these files  -- game_init.dat, player_init.dat, win_init.dat -- and change the "data" that the program reads when it first loads.  Use Notepad or another text editor -- you want to keep them as text files.  Below are some of the tricks that people have discovered.

Author Trick File
Marack Gives a "drunkenness" to your navigation Marack found this and the next trick by digging into the realMyst.exe file.  In the win_init.dat file, change FirstPersonDeadCenter to FirstPersondrunken  
Marack Creates a rainbow effect This is pretty wild.  In the game_init.dat file, add the following two lines after Ambient Scale:

     LODColor    1
     LODAll    1
Stupid_MI01.jpg (201015 bytes)
Stupid_MI02.jpg (116534 bytes)
Stupid_Rime01.jpg (167120 bytes)
lonelyto25 Turn one animal into another lonelyto25 gives instructions here.  At right are some bats as fish. BatsandButterflies_as_Fish.jpg (39034 bytes)
lonelyto25 Turn the player into an animal lonelyto25 gives instructions  here (same link as above, second post).  The advantage of this trick is that it allows you to fly through many objects, which in turn gives you access to some otherwise unreachable places.  I give some examples here.  At right is an image from one of those places, the Selenitic fire pit. FireWalking01.jpg (63832 bytes)
lonelyto25 and Zardoz "Visit" the Puzzle Age By turning myself into a bat (see above), I was able to get right up to the Rime viewer, which is as close as we'll ever get to visiting this Age (or so it seems).  lonelyto25 created a saved game and a set of init files here that will get you right there. Crystal_05_Green.jpg (56982 bytes)
Zardoz Slow motion butterflies  This slows the butterflies way down (you could also do it with the bats).  In the game_init.dat file, change maxsp=0.5 to maxsp=0.005 (or similar small value) in the line ending with  beh=beh\butterfly\butterfly_fly.BEH).  
lonelyto25 realMyst Warp Speed Among the many intriguing references that you can find in the realMyst.exe file from the demo (discussed in this section) is "camfovmult".  lonelyto25 inserted this into the game_init.dat file for the real game (it also works for the demo) and got a warped look.

To get this effect, insert 

         camfovmult          #

in the game_init.dat file after the FOV line.  Substitute any number from 0 to 10 for the #.  Fasten your seat belts and start up the game.  The number 1 appears to produce a normal effect; above 1 gets the warped look; a 0 (or any decimal between 0 and 1) produces a telescopic effect (bottom picture) that will drive you nuts!

CamFOVMult.jpg (317973 bytes)
CamFOVMult2.jpg (144440 bytes)