April 1, 2000

Cyan Releases Myst Mayhem

 SPOKANE, WA Cyan, the creators of Myst, the best selling computer game of all time, has released Myst Mayhem, an entirely new way to experience Myst. Myst Mayhem uses the most advanced real-time, three dimensional technology available to provide a Myst experience that will leave players speechless.

Taking a whole new approach to exploring, Cyan decided to finally give players the freedom to run amok. Players start on Myst Island, arriving on the familiar dock, to the sound of gulls and gentle waves. But this isnít the same old Myst. The clouds move, the water moves, the sun even moves - and the players better move, or their exploration on Myst Island will be cut short by a Díni power-marble grenade.

The scenery is spectacular in real-time, even better than Mystís original graphics. But the goal is no longer to stand around and enjoy the journey. Myst is lonely no longer, and safety is a thing of the past. There are players everywhere, many of them skilled in Díni fighting skills and weaponry, and they are trying to claim Myst island for themselves. Gaining access to the tower high above the library, for example, will furnish more than just hints and clues, it provides a key stronghold, and the rights to the Tower Turret, a wicked weapon of rotating ruination.

ďWe would have made Myst originally this way, if we could have in 1993.Ē said Rand Miller co-founder of Cyan. ďOur goal was to build a place that felt real; and fear, blood, and dismemberment are part of real life. Watching a shimmering sunrise from the dock on Myst island, is all well and good, but the adrenaline really starts to pump when someone is chasing you around the tree-gate with a pick ax!Ē

The ages of Myst will never be the same!

Myst Mayhem is available today at finer software stores everywhere.

Cyan, located in Spokane Washington, has built worlds for more than ten years. The worlds of Myst and Riven sold more copies than any other computer entertainment software in history. In addition to Myst Mayhem, they have quietly been up to something really cool for over a year.