Dude, Where's My Maze Runner?

A picture posted by lonelyto25 made me realize that I had never visited the maze in fly mode (which is how lonelyto25 got his maze picture).  I entered the maze in the normal way -- inside the Maze Runner -- but then exited the runner by using fly mode.  I then toured the entire maze, which IMHO is one of the most amazing structures in realMyst.  Below are images from that tour along with some commentary. 

Well, Selenitic's been fun but it's time to get back to Myst Island.  Ooops -- the Maze Runner is missing!  Guess I'll have to get to the maze on my own. NoMazeRunner01.jpg (54003 bytes)  NoMazeRunner.jpg (49646 bytes)   NoMazeRunner02.jpg (41156 bytes)
It's down the shaft we go!  And down, and down, and down.  Wait -- let's bop outside for a minute and take a look at where we are.  Okay, now back to our freefall.  Well, I sure hope there's something down there, otherwise I'm in a heap of trouble. MazeColumn7.jpg (40944 bytes)  MazeDescent03.jpg (57995 bytes)  MazeColumn5.jpg (37156 bytes)
MazeDescent02.jpg (72842 bytes)  MazeDescent01.jpg (56687 bytes)  MazeColumnAbove.jpg (11354 bytes)
MazeColumn6.jpg (20984 bytes)  MazeColumn4.jpg (10007 bytes)  MazeDescent08.jpg (35422 bytes)
Thank goodness, there's the Maze Runner.  Let's get down there and get it going.  Ooops!  Overshot my mark.  Aah, there we go.  Looks in good shape.  Hmm, no one at home.  Guess I'll walk. MazeDescent11.jpg (26142 bytes)  MazeDescent12.jpg (31408 bytes)  MazeRunner1.jpg (36732 bytes)
MazeRunner2.jpg (37968 bytes)  MazeRunner3.jpg (32554 bytes)  MazeHike.jpg (30827 bytes)
Wandering around the maze, you may be tempted to hop down or up a level -- don't, they're dead ends and it's a long way down.  And speaking of dead ends, there are plenty of them.  Catching sight of the next station is comforting but always presents a new problem:  Which way to go? MazeTracks.jpg (12812 bytes)  MazeTrackCrossing.jpg (18576 bytes)  MazeSupport2.jpg (8479 bytes)
MazeDeadEnd.jpg (11317 bytes)  MazeStation1.jpg (16509 bytes)  MazeDecisions.jpg (13971 bytes)
The geology of the maze is interesting and varied.  It's also very thin. MazeCave1.jpg (44780 bytes)  MazeCave4.jpg (56631 bytes)  MazeCave6.jpg (71406 bytes)
MazeRockColumns.jpg (31489 bytes)  MazeRockColumns3.jpg (28565 bytes)  MazeTunnel.jpg (58531 bytes)
At last, the final tunnel.  Okay, I admit, I took a shortcut. MazeTrack1.jpg (40197 bytes)  MazeEndTunnel.jpg (31239 bytes)  MazeEndTunnel2.jpg (11244 bytes)
And now, time to head home.  Ooops!  I'm still on zero gravity! MazeEndStation.jpg (45292 bytes)  MazeEndRoom.jpg (33010 bytes)  MazeEndRoom2.jpg (29673 bytes)
MazeEndRoom5.jpg (31278 bytes)  MazeEndRoom3.jpg (15352 bytes)