Ides/Break-in Clues

the Ides of March
a break-in at a famous hotel

These clues have the same structure as those that solved the Kong egg, yet many have tried entering them into the planetarium monitor but to no avail.  Your fame will be eternal if you discover anything (and you'll get to name the egg)

Ides of March: March 15, in general, and made famous by being the date on which Julius Caeser was assassinated ("Beware the Ides of March!").

A break-in at a famous hotel: Probably relates to the Watergate break-in (the Watergate beinga hotel complex in Washington, D.C.).  The break-in was reported to police at 1:47am on June 17, 1972, and the burglars were taken into custody at 2:30am.  

Dan'ni developed a theory linking these dates to constellations, which I've illustrated here.