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(And at last - huevo and vika are cracked)

Call me Zardoz.  

In the spring of 2001, I joined a small but furry band of intrepid hunters, seeking to become rich beyond the dreams of avarice.  Failing that, we turned our attention to realMyst easter eggs.  I alone returned to tell the tale.

The quest for eggs took us deep into the realms of a strange, far-away universe, with worlds enveloped in fog and anti-aliasing.  We visited Ages where the sun never sets, and others where the cerulean sky holds the clean sweet air of eternity.  We scoured these landscapes day and night, or at least day, earning the title all hunters eventually seek:

We were the Ovids.

This website is my testament to that hunt, to those dreams, to the eggs that we found, and the eggs that we may someday find.  A warning:  For those who have not yet made the journey itself, who have never ventured through the Ages known as Stoneship and Mechanical and Selenitic and Channelwood -- the journey is worth the price of admission, so do not be spoiled here, for spoiled you will be should you venture beyond this page.  I fear I may have said too much already, for the nightly cry of the penguins rend my soul, never letting me forget those who remain behind, still loading, always searching, never finding.



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