The Lost Spyder Clues

As I went out to get the morning paper the other day, I spied a rumpled, brown paper bag under some bushes along the driveway.  Inside was this transcript.  The bag had the following written on the inside:
  "CC, 31 Feb 2001"

[jimbob] And so wheres your solution?
[GrandVizeer] Deficit spending. The tax cut is entirely too large.
[k^gehn] I couldnt disagree more. Tax cuts will get us going.
[ChatServer] Please welcome [Spyder] from somewhere on the internet
[Spyder] Not a whole lotta people here early on a Tuesday morning.
[Spyder] spuds
[Spyder] .....
[Spyder] more spuds
[Spyder] .....
[Spyder] even more spuds
[Spyder] .....
[Spyder] lotsa spuds
[Spyder] .....
[Spyder] way more spuds than you've ever seen
[Spyder] gotta go
[jimbob] Whoa. SPYDER.
[k^gehn] I've logged onto and the number 5 appears 5 times!
[jimbob] Dude. SPYDER.
[k^gehn] Now I've hacked my way into the spuds site, and the source code has a hidden link to! Brb!
[jimbob] SPYDER! Whassup!
[k^gehn] There's nothing but a bottle of ketchup at!! Maybe if we use the potato-shaped crystal in all five positions with the color red.  BRB!!!
[jimbob] So SPYDER, will Mudpie run on my computer?
[k^gehn] YES!! It's the secret hash-brown egg! And bacon, too!
[jimbob] SPYDER r u there?
[GrandVizeer] Anyway, as I was saying, nix the tax cut . . . .