realMyst Menagerie

realMyst has a collection of critters that do not appear in the original version.  3d animals appear in Myst Island, Selenitic, Channelwood, Stoneship (underwater), and Rime (from afar).  I have not seen any animals in the Mechanical Age.  Below, I present some images of these animals, including some pictures contributed by Gehn and 75th Trombone.

I've also included some "cross-dressing" images.  These are based on a method described by lonelyto25, who described a way of replacing the "shape" of one animal with another's.

Myst Island Seagull seagull_Gehn.jpg (3224 bytes)Seagull01.jpg (9624 bytes)Seagull02.jpg (9515 bytes)
Butterfly butterfly_Gehn.jpg (8974 bytes)Butterfly01.jpg (63020 bytes)Butterfly04.jpg (50892 bytes)
Butterfly Cross
Bats_as_Butterfly.jpg (44808 bytes)Seagulls_as_Butterfly.jpg (48096 bytes)Sole_as_Butterfly2.jpg (54761 bytes)
Selenitic Bat bat_Gehn.jpg (7897 bytes)Bat01.jpg (56736 bytes)Bat02.jpg (42495 bytes)
Bat Cross
Sole_as_Bat.jpg (29873 bytes)
Channelwood Frog frog_75th.jpg (26802 bytes)FrogJump.jpg (51026 bytes)FrogSit.jpg (48267 bytes)Froggie.jpg (63009 bytes)
Stoneship Fish fish_Gehn.jpg (2199 bytes)Fish01.jpg (19036 bytes)Fish02.jpg (10896 bytes)
Sole sole_Gehn.jpg (3298 bytes)Sole01.jpg (19231 bytes)Sole02.jpg (17411 bytes)
Globefish globefish_Gehn.jpg (13218 bytes)Globefish.jpg (49453 bytes)Globefish01.jpg (51042 bytes)
Note: In the middle picture, there is a "V for Victory" plant -- you'll see what I mean.
Jellyfish jellyfish_Gehn.jpg (3711 bytes)Jellyfish01.jpg (41271 bytes)
Ray ray_Gehn.jpg (4821 bytes)Ray01.jpg (39899 bytes)Ray02.jpg (40520 bytes)
Eel eel_Gehn.jpg (8005 bytes)Eel01.jpg (21455 bytes)Eel2.jpg (41464 bytes)
Tortoise tortoise_Gehn.jpg (8835 bytes)Tortoise01.jpg (32838 bytes)Tortoise02.jpg (55745 bytes)
Fish Cross Dressers BatsandButterflies_as_Fish.jpg (39034 bytes)Bats_as_Fish.jpg (64415 bytes)Butterflies_as_Fish.jpg (56468 bytes)
Rime Whale Thingy whale_Gehn.jpg (7511 bytes)Whale01.jpg (32877 bytes)Whale02.jpg (29839 bytes)
Small Shark SmallShark01.jpg (23154 bytes)