The Face Egg
The Cyanegg

Palindrome shapes reveals sunnyside up

but only when gassed

commencer with primero farbe pareil

I-90 exit falls in center

I395US1 to independence guards the center

This is the major egg discovery so far and is credited to Dan'ni.  The clues can be deciphered in the following way:

Palindrome shapes:  A palindrome is a series that is symmetric back to front or right to left.  For example, "radar" is a palindrome word; 12321 is a palindrome series of numbers; and is a palindrome series of symbols.  The "shapes" refer to the crystals that appear in front of the Rime Age viewer.  Conclusion:  A combination of crystals that is symmetric right to left (first suggested by Razathar.)

Reveals sunnyside up:  "Sunnyside up" is a way of serving eggs.  Conclusion: This will lead to an easter egg.

But only when gassed:  See Rime gas.

commencer with primero farbe pareil:  This phrase, drawn from four languages (French, English, Spanish, German, and French again) literally translates to "Begin with first color same/similar."  A theory was proposed by RockSunner that the color could refer to the colors of the flags of these countries.  The one color that is the same/similar is red.  "Primero" refers to the first crystal.  Conclusion: Begin with the first crystal (the short one) in the color red.  Setting all the crystals this way gives what can be called the Easter Island egg, first discovered by buckminster.

I-90 exit falls in center:  I-90 is a highway that originates (in the eastbound direction) in Seattle.  Approximately 27 miles east is an exit that one can take to Snoqualmie Falls, a local landmark.  One of the crystals bears a strong resemblance to the falls.   Conclusion: This crystal should go in the center, as suggested by Dan'ni and shadow1 (and this connection may also have been suggested in Face Chat the night of the message).

I395 US1 to independence guards the center:  I395 travels from Virginia to Washington, D.C.  At the Potomac, I395 merges into US1 and both cross the Potomac on the 14th Street bridge.  US1 splits from I395 and continues north, crossing Independence Avenue.  From this intersection, the Washington monument is a short distance away.  One of the crystals bears a strong resemblance to the monument.  Conclusion:  This crystal should go on either side ("guards the center") of the center crystal, as first noted by Reinbag and myself.

Putting it all together:  Put the short crystal in the first and fifth positions, the Snoqualmie falls crystal in the center, and the Washington monument crystal in the second and fourth positions.  Make them all red, and you get the Face Egg.  You can also start with all crystals magenta.  And you can change the colors (carefully!) to cycle through the Cyanegg.avi file.  Also, the egg will disappear if you make too many mistakes, such as triggering the egg and then changing a crystal other than the first.

Below are links to each of the pictures, which also show the right crystal/color combinations:

Face_egg01.jpg (39869 bytes)
Face egg01
Face_egg02.jpg (40718 bytes)
Face egg02
Face_egg03.jpg (41304 bytes)
Face egg03
Face_egg04.jpg (38219 bytes)
Face egg04
Face_egg05.jpg (39705 bytes)
Face egg05
Face_egg06.jpg (40568 bytes)
Face egg06
Face_egg07.jpg (40490 bytes)
Face egg07
Face_egg08.jpg (38870 bytes)
Face egg08
Face_egg09.jpg (38448 bytes)
Face egg09
Face_egg10.jpg (39180 bytes)
Face egg10
Face_egg11.jpg (38459 bytes)
Face egg11
Face_egg12.jpg (41054 bytes)
Face egg12
Face_egg13.jpg (40349 bytes)
Face egg13
Face_egg14.jpg (36782 bytes)
Face egg14
Face_egg15.jpg (39433 bytes)
Face egg15
Face_egg16.jpg (40674 bytes)
Face egg16
Face_egg17.jpg (39620 bytes)
Face egg17
Face_egg18.jpg (41113 bytes)
Face egg18
Face_egg19.jpg (42365 bytes)
Face egg19
Face_egg20.jpg (38702 bytes)
Face egg20
Face_egg21.jpg (39102 bytes)
Face egg21
Face_egg22.jpg (41692 bytes)
Face egg22
Face_egg23.jpg (41319 bytes)
Face egg23
Face_egg24.jpg (43245 bytes)
Face egg24
Face_egg25.jpg (38150 bytes)
Face egg25
Face_egg26.jpg (40964 bytes)
Face egg26
Face_egg27.jpg (42871 bytes)
Face egg27
Face_egg28.jpg (38054 bytes)
Face egg28
Face_egg29.jpg (41708 bytes)
Face egg29
Face_egg30.jpg (42690 bytes)
Face egg30
Face_egg31.jpg (42107 bytes)
Face egg31
Face_egg32.jpg (37151 bytes)
Face egg32