The Cracked Eggs

This is a list of the realMyst eggs discovered so far.  I give a brief description of each one, with links to the clues and, in most cases, an image (or images) of the egg itself.

DOUG:  This is the one egg that required no Spyder clues (A'Reandal discovered it).  Enter the clock tower off Myst Island, turn around, and look up at the ceiling to the left.  Turn your monitor's brightness to the max.  DOUG is there, broken into two lines -- and notice how one of the columns reads "OG."  If it's still too dark, you can increase the brightness by hitting the + key while holding the Ctrl and Shift keys down.

Rime gas:  This is both an egg and a precursor to triggering another egg.  It was discovered by Rehevkor5, while Dan'ni noted that the effects of the gas are temporary.  To trigger this egg, you must have access to Rime.  After unfreezing the entry room, go back outside and turn off the gas switch, which will turn off the furnace.  Now turn the gas back on, enter the room, and make sure teh door to the outside is closed.  Wait awhile and then you'll get it.  To use this egg as a precursor for the Face egg, you must get to the Rime viewer fairly quickly.

"Kong" egg: This egg is the old Pong game and was discovered by JDalek.  It is found by using clues that translate into dates.

Easter Island egg:  This may or may not be an egg, but you can find it by using the first clue in the sequence of clues that solves the Face egg.

Face egg:  The big egg so far, discovered by Dan'ni.  The egg comes from solving a sequence of clues that begin with the "commencer" clue.  The result is a series of pictures that are from a file called cyanegg.avi.

Torsk egg: This egg is apparently related to last year's April Fools announcement of Myst MayhemDan'ni discovered this one using the "entering new numbers" and "torsk" clues. It also uses the last clue, "when the silent service is safe, only one can be in the quiver," but Dan'ni didn't need that one.

Doughnut eggMarack finally cracked this egg, with Dan'ni a few minutes behind.  After an apparent wild goose chase through the Mechanical Age, Spyder returned to Cyan Chat and put this one out of its misery, using two strings of binary code.  The clever egghunter could have extracted this egg from the patterns not in a book/logo/oh clues, but alas, cleverness does not appear to be our strong suit.

YourInMySightsNow egg:  When Spyder returned to put us out of our Doughnut egg misery, he left us a tantalizing promise:  "Figure these out and then I can give you YourInMySightsNow."  The last "word" appears to be a reference to a text string that appears in realMyst savegame files.  (I've collected other mysterious references that are found in those files here).  Spyder finally returned at the end of UnMysterium 2001 and gave us the clue.  Although the trail of discovery is murkier without Rivenguild, I believe it went something like this.  75th Trombone first deciphered the second part of the clue by entering the binary string into the fireplace grid, in a counter-clockwise circular pattern.  (The dougnut egg, you'll recall, used a clockwise pattern.)   I (apparently) was then the first to actual catch site of the egg, despite 75th's and a few others successful triggering of the egg, as well as the first to see the gun firing.  I just had to put that in because up until now, I've been completely shut out of the egg discoveries.

The Lower Right Bolt:  I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong, and boy, was I wrong.  Almost a year ago, Spyder gave us a quick series of clues that seemed to point to an egg in the Mechanical Age, but the last clue read "Mac Myst Masterpiece."  I originally thought this was an April Fools Joke, as the series of clues ended on April 1, 2001.  But K'laamas of the Lyst resurrected it in February 2002 and Jim Stephenson, the webmaster of Riven Unofficial Home Page, offered to take a look, as he had a copy of Myst Masterpiece for the Mac.  Jim quickly announced he had found something, and slowly -- TORTUROUSLY -- parceled out pieces of an image and then his own set of clues that lead to a video.  I give the details of this recent excitement  here.

Huevo and Vika:  Yes, I'm counting this one, even though I cheated to get it.  The history behind these eggs are well-known, so I won't repeat them here.  I gave Spyder a chance, but finally decided to take matters into my own hands.


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