Dead Ends and Wrong Turns

In the long search for realMyst easter eggs, we have often wandered far afield, with scores of bizarre theories being proposed, debated, and tested.  I am proud to say that I have been responsible for many of these.  Below, I present some of the highlights of these journeys.

Patterns not in a Book
        Probably the most spectacular detour was our obsession with the pattern of the clues themselves.  Spyder's initial set of clues were spread out over eight weeks, and each week's clues could be divided into separate lines (as logged in Cyan Chat).  stillclickin suggested that the clues could be structured to fit the 8 columns and 6 rows of the fireplace grid.  As it turned out, there was indeed a pattern, but one that allowed us to link clues together rather than one that was a clue itself.  I've retained our old theories here; the correct pattern was, for the purposes of linking the clues together, the Four Clue Theory, noted here.

Ides/Break-in clues
        I've included this as a dead end, as we have gotten nowhere with the first set of date clues.  To be fair, however, I've also listed it as a possible remaining egg.


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