The Egg Hunt

On January 26, 2001, the hunt for realMyst easter eggs officially began.  Spyder, a shadowy figure connected with Cyan, posted the first of many cryptic messages through Cyan Chat.   Spyder's statements were episodic and brief, bracketed by a comment on the night's CC attendance and a swift farewell.

Like mystics sorting through the entrails of a powerful beast, participants in Cyan Chat, the (now defunct) Riven Spoilers Lyst, and the (now suspended) Rivenguild BB have analyzed and debated the meanings of these statements.  Because I participated in the hunt mostly through Rivenguild, this site focuses on those results.

As you follow the links throughout this eggsite, you will encounter many spoilers. For those who have not yet played or finished realMyst (or the original Myst) and wish to avoid any hint of spoilation, DO NOT PROCEED ANY  FURTHER!! I have also included many links to the discussions in the Rivenguild BB covering the realMyst easter eggs. These links take you to the discussion thread but not necessarily to the message in the thread that covers the information listed here.  (NOTE:  For the time being, those links are not active, awaiting the resurrection of the BB in another place.)  Finally, I have not given sufficient credit to the Cyan Chat or the Riven Spoilers Lyst discussions that took place following Spyder's appearance. My apologies to the intrepid egg hunters in those forums.

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