The Mystian universe has inspired a vast volume of fan fiction.  A good place to begin is the MYSTcommunity Writing forum.  My own writing tends to the more offbeat end of the spectrum.  Below, I give you a sample -- well, to tell the truth, I present the entire collection of my Mystian writing.  It includes everything from short stories to very short stories, sometimes down to  a paragraph.  An attention span is not one of my strong points -- what?  The list may grow over time -- or it may shrink.  They are presented in chronological order.  'Nuf said . . . .

Diary of an Egghunter
The Lost Spyder Clues
Grandy Z tells a story
Mara gets her birthday wish
All Your Caves Are Belong to Us!!
Atrus discovers eBay
After the Fall
to draw backwards, bring back, lead home
Bug Report
Storming the Gates of Cyan
The Letter Home
The Wizard of Uru
Treasure: A Yeesha Parable

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