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I have a confession to make:  realMyst is the only 3D game I own (Note:  Well, not any more - I now own Uru).  Which means it is the first one I ever bought.  Which means all the 3D tricks and secrets that you old-timers have known for years, I just learned.

All of which is the impetus behind this part of the eggsite.  Here, I've collected thoughts and images that relate all the fun I've had wandering around this really cool set of Ages, where you can walk almost anywhere and where you really can fly.  So, after wandering through all these links, I'm sure you'll have one thought that comes to mind:  This guy has way too much time on his hands . . . . 

Savegame Detritus
D'ni Architecture
D'ni Structural Engineering
The Puzzle Age
realMyst Menagerie
You Can't Get There from Here
Float Like a Butterfly
Stupid realMyst Tricks
Tales from Executable Ocean

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