You Can't Get There from Here

Fly mode in a 3D world gives you the freedom to go almost anywhere, as long as that place "exists," in the sense that the program actually renders that geography rather than showing it as a 2D image.  For example, the picture of Riven in the Rime viewer is a 2D image -- there is no "depth" to it, so you can't get there from the viewer room.  There are other places, however, that appear to be three-dimensional but are accessible while walking around.   In many cases, switching to fly mode gives you access to these interesting locations.

Myst Island, Generator Room.  Not sure how I got in here.  I was flying around Myst Island as a bat (see Stupid realMyst Tricks) and managed to flap down into the generator control room.  I kept going straight and went right through the window! Here_Gen01.jpg (36597 bytes)Here_Gen03.jpg (160377 bytes)
If you start out in the "Treegate" room, the floor isn't there!  Don't panic -- you can swim. Here_MI02.jpg (161453 bytes)
After escaping the spaceship on Myst Island, I re-entered right behind the organ. Here_Spaceship01.jpg (167060 bytes)Here_Spaceship02.jpg (136293 bytes)
Wohba!  My feet are on fire!! FireWalking01.jpg (35502 bytes)FireWalking02.jpg (36242 bytes)FireWalking06.jpg (24938 bytes)
FireWalking04.jpg (34598 bytes)FireWalking05.jpg (46116 bytes)FireWalking03.jpg (33143 bytes)
Here, I tried to sneak a few bottles out of Sirrus's wine rack.  In a rare bout of cooperation, Achenar agreed to throw me in jail. Here_Mech02.jpg (219248 bytes)Here_Mech04.jpg (179969 bytes)
Ouch!  That's gotta hurt!! Here_CWChomper01.jpg (129518 bytes)Here_CWChomper03.jpg (111616 bytes)Here_CWChomper02.jpg (89435 bytes)
Some shots from the viewer room in Rime.  I've tried to match up the contours of the map with other places (Puzzle Age, foe example), but no matches so far. Here_Rime10.jpg (228804 bytes)Here_Rime11.jpg (167650 bytes)Here_Rime12.jpg (194887 bytes)
Here's an interesting find.  These are from Atrus's study in Rime.  The last three are taken from inside the desk drawer, which is an actual 3D object and therefore could, in principle, be opened.  I couldn't see anything in it, however. Here_Rime01.jpg (203911 bytes)Here_RimeDrawer01.jpg (167316 bytes)
Here_RimeDrawer02.jpg (171778 bytes)
Here_RimeDrawer03.jpg (174367 bytes)
Yo!  Atrus!! Here_Rand03.jpg (207697 bytes)Here_Rand05.jpg (178805 bytes)
Here_Rand08.jpg (167858 bytes)Here_Rand09.jpg (205690 bytes)

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