Float Like a Butterfly


Gravity binds us to the earth.  It keeps us from soaring through the air, from swooping, climbing, and diving to our heart's content.  Oh, to be free of these chains, to fly with the seagull, to float with the butterfly, to flap with the bat, to --

Hey, wait a minute -- Gravity = 90 will get you there!

If you are a tiny bit brave, you can fly and float and flap throughout realMyst.  All you have to do is fiddle with some of realMyst's data files.  And don't worry -- you won't void your warranty!

From some cursory research, it looks like Aloys was the first to fly (in the realMyst demo), breaking the news to the old Lyst and RG in October 2000!  He posted some information on his web page and created the first fly mode data file (if you click on that link, you'll be asked whether you want to download Aloys' file).  A'Reandal was also an early pioneer and posted a number of fly mode shots.  He has lots of shots in his Myst Journals website, which also has great shots of all the journals in realMyst (posted to help those who couldn't see the journals, a glitch that many people suffered).  Since then, many have refined the art of flying, including lonelyto25, who introduced us to trans-species, shape-shifting fly mode.  lonelyto25 has put together alot of good realMyst fly mode and other information here.  Marck also has a good site that explains how to fly, as well as giving a history of early aviators.

I've used fly mode to take zillions of screenshots, many of which show up in other parts of the eggsite.  The Selenitic Maze and the Puzzle Age have their own fly mode sections.  Here, I present some other shots that you can't get without flying.  Nothing fancy, just lots of pretty pictures.

Fly mode lets you get angles that you otherwise couldn't get.  Here's an example.  It also let's you examine the underside of the different Ages.  These are taken with the Big Tree and the ship in the "down" position. Pretty_MI01.jpg (106980 bytes)
Pretty_MI03.jpg (168071 bytes)Pretty_MI04.jpg (165254 bytes)Pretty_MI05.jpg (95100 bytes)
Channelwood is fun to fly around, as it's alot easier than getting those dreaded elevators to work.  The last picture is one of the corners of the world. Pretty_CW04.jpg (197040 bytes)Pretty_CW01.jpg (203589 bytes)Pretty_CW02.jpg (197857 bytes)
Pretty_CW05.jpg (138608 bytes)
Pretty_CW03.jpg (65479 bytes)
Mechanical gives you the opportunity to get some interesting gear shots. Pretty_Mech01.jpg (133951 bytes)Pretty_Mech06.jpg (131223 bytes)
Stoneship's weather makes fly mode abit murky.  But when the lightning kicks in, it can be quite beautiful. Pretty_Stone01.jpg (111686 bytes)Pretty_Stone02.jpg (122867 bytes)
Pretty_Stone03.jpg (115082 bytes)
Pretty_Stone10.jpg (117030 bytes)
Pretty_Stone05.jpg (119326 bytes)
Pretty_Stone06.jpg (140680 bytes)Pretty_Stone11.jpg (96535 bytes)
Selenitic's weather produces some spectacular colors.  Although I have brightened these abit, I haven't touched the color mix. Pretty_Sel01.jpg (57529 bytes)Pretty_Sel03.jpg (90918 bytes)Pretty_Sel04.jpg (79613 bytes)
Pretty_Sel02.jpg (80611 bytes)
Pretty_Sel06.jpg (87525 bytes)Pretty_Sel05.jpg (88067 bytes)
Rime is also a fun place for fly mode.  One of the sounds you hear when you are outside is an animal sound.  I've looked and looked -- I'll keep on looking. Pretty_Rime13.jpg (123282 bytes)Pretty_Rime 15.jpg (128264 bytes)Pretty_Rime14.jpg (114107 bytes)
Pretty_Rime12.jpg (98189 bytes)
Pretty_Rime11.jpg (87148 bytes)Pretty_Rime10.jpg (82689 bytes)

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