The Remains of the Eggs

the Ides of March?
a break-in at a famous hotel?


Well, there just aren't any real strong possibilities left, but I've kept these here just in case:

In the savegame and other files in realMyst, there are several references to what appears to be a 3d player model.  At first, we thought the YourInMySightsNow egg might trigger the 3d player.  That hasn't proven to be true (so far), so I've now put this in the category of a possible egg.  Let's hope Spyder doesn't take the rest of the year off.

    The "Ides of March" and "a break-in at a famous hotel" clues from 9 March would seem to be connected to the "Kong" egg, at least according to the theory that the clues line up across the different dates.  Yet no one has conclusively shown why they are needed, as that egg can be solved with only the other two date clues from the following week, "Sam Clemens and Sir Winston" and "Radio 4 announces a new hyperspace bypass."  This has produced speculation that there is another egg hidden inside the planetarium monitor, although countless attempts to find it have proven fruitless.  For that reason, I've also listed this as a possible dead end.


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